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عناوين اليوم
أخبار وتقارير

SNAKE GAME in the Public Corporation for Electric Power

الجمعة 14 يونيو 2013 10:28 مساءً
Written by:Abdan Dohais on attariq-ye.com on Thursday 13th June 2013 Translated by : Eng/Saeed Khula

It happened by acts of God that I was close to my friend Dr. Ali Mohd Mugawar when he was
Minister of Electricity then, also before then when he was Minister of Fish Wealth and stayed close to him when he was granted the honor/confidence to be the Prime Minister in which he
remained until the year 2012.

Being so close to him has benefitted me a lot in knowing/understanding what members of public are not aware of specially in the fields of Electricity, Fisheries because I have seen ( what other eyes have never seen and other ears have never heard) secrets cannot be uncovered/disclosed and be open for auction, but telling the truth remains the job/responsibility
of the free/independent journalist and the responsibility of free independent journalism which behaves with the Profession in a manner of professionalism/neutrality with no scare/fear.

I say with Honesty and for History record that Electricity Sector was the share/fortune of Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh , the old leader of the Republican Guards, after the occupation of
South Yemen on 7th July 1994, in the same manner as other government sectors including Public
Corporation for Fish Wealth which went to other Shares and Fortunes to other sons and brothers
of ex-president saleh along with other first degree relatives and immediate supporters/
Militias, those who remained ruling the Country and the Yemeni People for more than 3 decades.

All Electricity Projects, from installing/building small power stations/developments or Technical works were given as Subcontracts to leader of the Republican Guards Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh until the present moment and I still remember then and very well in various and
numerous occasions Dr. Ali Mohd Mugawar when he was Minister for Electricity when he goes for
opening ceremonies to various electrical projects which were being completed in Governorates like Aden, Abyan, Al- Hodeidah, once we had Marshal Abdo Rabo Mansoor Hadi when he was Vice
President then at the opening ceremony of the enlargement/development of Al- Mansoorah Power Station which was executed by a Chinese Company.

With regards the Gas power Station in Mareb , it has a very shameful story. This vital and huge
Project was only a name on paper with steel skeleton/structure given the name of Power Station yet the work has just started-( first phase) - and has not being completed, when Mugawar came into office as Minister of Electricity, he decided to complete all the phases of this important project, he did complete the First Phase of the Project, but he was quickly removed and abruptly
taken to the post of Prime Minister leaving other Phases of Mareb Project for Gas Power Station not yet being completed until the present moment….Why? We will answer this question in a separate article soon.

Details and overlaps are many and the SNAKE GAME still has it’s serious effects until now on this Public Sector which is directly connected with People’s daily day to day life.
It will be difficult to control the Electricity Lobby, it will still carry on causing misery/agony/torture for a long time and what is going on, destruction of Electrical Towers and Overhead lines with clear Targeting in an orderly/deliberate manner, which clearly shows that conflicting parties/Gangsters are still trying to settle their accounts amongst themselves in this
Sector and/or other sectors e.g gas/oil/water contrary to what is said on T/V and other Media
(Tribes Demands), it is in fact settling of accounts with the former dissolved regime and
Neighbor please do understand.

To Sum up

In view of above and as per my e mails dated 5th August 2012, 8th April and 5th June 2013
It is high time , and after all these concrete proofs, for the Security Council to Approve Right for
Self Determination for South Yemen in accordance with all Security Council Resolutions Nos.
924 and 934 issued in June 1994 and others to alleviate South Yemeni people suffering/agony/
Torture by those groups of War Lords/ gangsters and for a period of 23 years through immediate
Response and urgent action as people in the South are facing Hunger/illness and death hour in
hour out 24 hours a day therefore this is yet another S.O.S. Call to the Permanent Members of the Security council and as per my e. mail dated 5th June 2013.

Put up for your perusal and necessary action please.
Request you to pass this e mail to Assistant Secretary General- for Yemen Dr. Gamal bin Omer
for his perusal and Urgent action please.

Best wishes and regards.

المزيد في أخبار وتقارير
بالصور :سياح اجانب يشاركون في حملة السخرية من بيع الاحجار في اليمن
شارك سياح اجانب في حملة ساخرة باتت تعصف باليمن منذ أيام وتسخر من دعوات الاستفادة من الاحجار عبر بيعها واطلقها عبدالملك الحوثي قبل أيام . واظهرت صور تحصلت عليها عدن
تلفزيون : تحرير نائب القنصل السعودي في اليمن عبدالله الخالدي
قال تلفزيون قناة العربية السعودي ان نائب القنصل السعودي في اليمن عبدالله الخالدي والذي تم اختطافه من قبل تنظيم القاعدة في اليمن العام 2012 تم تحريره. وقال التلفزيون
اقوى فيديو يسخر من حجارة عبدالملك الحوثي في اليمن
بث نشطاء يمنيون يعتقد أنهم مغتربون في الخليج أقوى تسجيل مرئي حتى اللحظة يسخر من دعوات زعيم جماعة الحوثيين عبدالملك الحوثي والتي دعا فيها الشعب اليمني للمتاجرة

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قصة من الذكريات (معاشيق 1993) : هل يلاقي الرئيس عبدربه منصور هادي نفس مصير الرئيس علي سالم البيض ؟
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